Year: 2020 

In July 2020, the BWI team submitted the Interim Report Evaluation Report as part of a three-year engagement with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) to provide Summative Assessment services to their £5m DI4M programme. 


Our insightful 35-page report has provided the team with insightful conclusions and recommendations regarding programme acquisition, impact reporting and excellence. The report has given the DI4M team; 


  • A deep understanding of the impact added value the programme has had on advanced manufacturing SMEs in the West Midlands LEP

  • Analysis of project assumptions, objectives, market failures, economic and policy context both nationally and across the three participating West Midlands LEPs

  • An understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on programme delivery

  • An understanding of programme and output performance to date

  • Client satisfaction – using the Net Promoter Score method 

  • In-depth analysis of the cohort including an investigation into the differentiating characteristics of SME beneficiaries who have innovated prior to engagement with the project and those who didn’t 

  • Analysis of advisor success rate in converting SME beneficiaries into R&D collaborations (C26’s) 

  • A new close and refined close out process using the Insight Works Nature and Scale model to improve internal reporting which will be rolled out to the Advisor cohort

  • Analysis of the programmes current acquisition processes which has resulted in the creation of a Programme Acquisition Task and Finish Group, the creation of an ideal customer profile and provided focus acquisition methods

  • Recommendations and conclusions to enable the management team to achieve their aspirations regarding; relevance and benchmarking 


The work undertaken to produce the Interim Report has provided the BWI team with solid foundations to build on during the development of the final Summative Assessment. 


The production of this report was not hampered by COVID-19, with BWI meeting the original deadline set by WMG for submission of the Interim Report. We were able to utilise our experience in remote working and technology such as Zoom to ensure the report was completed on time.