The Insight Works have a successful track record of working with public sector organisations securing funding and helping the private sector to win public contracts. We pride ourselves on our high professional standards, strategic commercial expertise and commitment to the people we work with. Over the last 20 years have built a reputation for quality and fast delivery. 


With former civil servants in our team, we know how to align opportunities to the policies driving them. 

We have written successful bids for the Department of International Trade (DIT), HallMark Meat Hygiene in England and Scotland, Grant Thornton, Oxford Innovation, the West of England and New Anglia LEP, the Universities of Wolverhampton and East Anglia, Bristol City Council, London and Partners, the Birmingham and North East Chambers of Commerce and more.




For over 15 years, our team, through robust, grounded and balanced evaluations, has been supporting public and private sector organisations across the UK to measure the social and economic impact of investments, deliver and implement improvements which help projects to exceed targets, overcome challenges, develop insights for future planning and achieve new strategic understanding.

But we believe we are different. Our project design and delivery experience sets us apart from our competitors and means we understand the practical realities of delivering a project.

We know your project needs to align to local and national policy, possibly satisfy different stakeholders and funders. We know the challenges faced when there are multiple partners – some of whom are delivering, some who aren’t. We know how difficult it is to balance compliance whilst attempting to deliver a ‘minimal burden’ service to businesses.


We know that capturing and monitoring data and information which goes beyond what is required can be a challenge too far. But we also know the value it can bring to a project.

We know most projects start late, have difficulties recruiting the right people, and then face further challenges keeping that team relevant and on track. Most project have an intention to continuously improve, but in reality, when you’re under pressure both financially and reputationally to deliver outputs, outcomes and impact, continuous improvement normally has to wait. 


All of this is framed around five key phases of work; Focus, Explore, Analyse, Innovate and Report. This approach brings a structure to the evaluation process and delivers insights, understanding, impact and practical recommendations.

In addition to the meeting the mandatory requirements, our unparalleled experience enables us to deliver insights that not only aim to capture the direct and wider impacts of projects, but also make significant and informed recommendations at project, delivery and policy levels. 


The Insight Works team has delivered successful and insightful evaluations for over 10 years – genuinely informing future project designs and improving existing delivery processes. The teams approach deploys a comprehensive range of techniques – survey, analysis, interviews, desk research and unique, additional proven tools. During 2019, the team undertook work on seven Summative Assessments. Our Clients include:


  • New Anglia LEP - Business Growth Programme 

  • Wiltshire Council – SME Growth 

  • Wiltshire Council – Health and Life Sciences Innovation (HLSI) Hub 

  • EEN South West – innovate2succeed Hearth of the South West 

  • EEN South West – innovate2succeed Swindon and Wiltshire  

  • Warwick University – Digital Innovation and Manufacturing (DI4M)*

  • University of the West of England – Health Tech Hub*

*Delivered beneficiary survey and economic analysis as the Summative Assessment was undertaken in-house.



We immerse ourselves in your project to understand the challenges you’re facing and the most appropriate solution for you and your team. We know that at some point every project has been faced with at least one of the following problems:


  • Low customer acquisition levels

  • Underperforming delivery mechanism

  • Inefficient project process

  • Issues with roles within the team

  • Under profile on outputs or spend

  • Trapped in an un-operational delivery model

  • On the wrong end of a managing authority decision

  • Addressing Summative Assessment issues

  • Procurement challenges

  • Pains with publicity requirements

  • Match funding problems

  • Troublesome partners

We've provided solutions to all of these for our clients.

Our work has consistently helped clients to optimise the benefits, opportunities and overcome the challenges that delivery of publicly funded programmes presents. This includes the design and creation of processes which comply and deliver, fixing projects that have run into delivery problems and providing the best advice on navigating complex regulations and guidance.