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TRANSFORM the Return On
Investment of YOUR support through IMPACT coaching 

Add value to any business or skills offer in any policy area with a post-support 3 month coaching package to embed the change your support was designed to deliver and maximise the return on investment

impactful coaching. measured results.

With a career in programme design and evaluation I am uniquely positioned to understand what matters to delivery teams. Thats why Impact Coaching for Public Programmes goes beyond just the delivery of coaching. It also incorporates an extremely light touch, minimal burden, impact analysis at the end of the coaching period to measure the effect of the programme, and the coaching on the individual and/or their business. 

This approach maximises your understanding of the effect your programme has had, and provides you with genuine insights and evidence to support programme improvements and future funding opportunities.

Energetic, collaborative, impactful coaching

Add genuine value by Going beyond other support programmes by investing in beneficiaries over a longer term, for more intensive, impactful support  

For the last 20 years we've designed, delivered and importantly, evaluated over 100 public sector programmes  across multiple policy areas including business support, innovation, skills, international trade, inward investment, and more.

Just like you, we spent many years working hard on delivering really impactful support to help businesses and people improve and grow. There is wonderful support out there that makes a huge difference to peoples lives, and the reward that comes with seeing someone make that change feels great. 

But changing behaviour is one of the hardest things we can do as humans, we have habits deeply ingrained in us, and making a change which is consistent is difficult. In the past 20 years, the most common thing we've seen across all the programmes I've been involved with, is that once the support or service ends, progress drops off drastically.


It's really no surprise - think of all the things that get in the way - the day job, new opportunities or challenges, family life, personal goals...the list goes on.

How can we ensure personal growth doesn't take a back seat in the midst of life / work priorities? 


We now know that one of the best ways to build new habits and consistent behaviour change is by being more accountable and raising people’s awareness of how they can find focus, prioritise and get out of their own way. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to do that. 

Benefits for programme managers 

Image by Isaac Smith

Increase Impact

Impact happens when you take action, and coaching is one of the best ways to increase accountability,  sustain motivation and build discipline = all of which lead to more action and greater impact.

Image by Myriam Jessier

Build Evidence Base of Success

Public Programmes are historically weaker when it comes to measuring impact, mainly because that part of delivery is never as well funded. Measuring the impact over time produces a evidence base of success that can support marketing, value for money and future funding. 


Build long-term collaborations

One of the most common things we hear from beneficiaries is that there isn't much follow up support. Resources are tight, but coaching can provide that continued connection, leading to longer term collaborations and a sense of appreciation and caring.

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Drive Continuous Improvement

By learning what works, what gets in the way, the elements of support that people value the most, teams can equip themselves with insights that help to drive continuous improvement of existing and future programmes. 

Upward Curve

Maximise Return on Investment

People who find their focus and take action are more likely to see better, longer lasting results. Those results are what public programmes are trying to buy, whether thats growth, skills, innovation. Combining coaching with impact measurement can evidence greater ROI. 

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Secure Future Funding

Impact Coaching is designed to increase the impact of your support. By then measuring the success of that coaching engagement, teams can build insights and evidence which aligns with policy and supports future funding proposals.

get in touch

I'd love to talk through the potential to include Impact Coaching for your programme. There are lots of ways we could work, either through a low-cast pilot, or a more established programme of support. 

Book a video call with me today by clicking the button below, or feel free to call me direct or drop me an email.

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